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White Offset Laser Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, Cream, Pink, Fluorescents – Flame, Green, Lemon, Orange Gold-Silver LaserGloss JetGloss Clear Polyester
70 Gsm Woodfree 70 Gsm Woodfree 70 Gsm Coloured Woodfree 80 Gsm Coated Surface 80 Gsm Metallic Coated 80 Gsm cast Coated Woodfree Paper 85 Gsm Special Coated Gloss Finished Paper 56 Gsm Heat Stabilized Film 72 Gsm Heat Stabalized Polyester Film

Our standard PERMANENT has good initial tack and excellent adhesive strength to a wide variety of substrates and has permanence in the range -10°C to + 80°C. Whilst application at fairly low temperatures will not affect performance, labels coated with this adhesive must not be applied to frozen surfaces. On plastic surfaces performance may not be good due to the plasticisers used causing softening of the adhesive. Also, even on glass, performance can be poor due to mould release agents in the manufacture of bottles or containers. Bondlabel Products coated with ‘REMOVABLE’ adhesive can be supplied and are available in White Offset quality only. Since surface characteristics are a factor in adhesion, it is always advisable to make tests to ascertain the suitability of the adhesive for a given application. To be sure, the final user should CHECK FIRST before commiting himself to overprinting. We guarantee nothing as far as the adhesive properties are concernes but we will be only happy to assist with samples for testing if required. Remember, also, that bad storage of our products can cause problems to the end-user. We manufacture all Bondlabel Products under conditions of controlled temperature, as temperature variations cause hardening or softening of adhesives. This is a natural phenomenon caused by increasing or decreasing mobility of the molecules of the adhesive components. At low temperatures some of the components become hard and lose tack properties, though not necessarily adhesion properties. At high temperatures the components become more mobile and whilst this may have the effect of increasing tack, the adhesive and cohesive properties are likely to deteriorate. The increased mobility of the adhesive can also result in adgesive penetration through the face paper. The golden rule, therefore, is to store all Bondlabel Products in dry conditions, and not to expose or subject the stock to extremes of temperature or humidity.

Bleached Kraft ranging from 62 microns to 1– microns depending on product.

Bondlabels Cliplabels Bondsplit
Register sheets with reinforced grip and lay edges. 200 sheets per box. Butt cot or round cornered on A4 sheets. 100/200 sheets per box. packed 200’s in PE Coated Kraft in double wall corrugated outlers and guillotine trimmed all four edges

  Bondlabels Limited operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9002: 1994 under certification no. FM 14421

We will work with you to provide an excellent level of service with the right product portfolio, to ensure that our independent and flexible values along with our friendly and traditional ethics remain.

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