Performa Brilliance

Performa Brilliance is a high quality fully coated graphical board with a coated White Back (GC1) aimed primarily at the luxury cosmetics, pharma and high end graphical applications.

Range Chart
Grammage (gsm) 230 260 280 300 345
SRA2  Ο Ο Δ Ο Δ  Ο Δ Ο Δ
B2  Ο  Ο Δ Ο Δ  Ο Δ Ο Δ
B1 Ο Δ  Ο Δ Ο Δ Ο Δ
  • Ο = available in ream wrapped
  • Δ = available in bulk packed (48 hours lead time)
Technical Information
Grammage (gsm) 230 260 280 300 345
Thickness (mic)  360 415 455 495 585
Stiffness MD  10.8 16.6 20.8 24.9 36.9
Stiffness CD 5.3 8.1 10.1 12.1 18.1

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