Office Papers & Copiers

The excellent quality structure of Black Label Premium is based on modern dehydration technologies. Even the spread of residues and fillers is symmetrical. This ensures flatness and minimises curling when Black Label Premium is exposed to high fuser temperatures in high-speed copiers.

Canon Yellow Label is a value range of paper that offers quality everyday printing at high speeds.

IQ allround boasts a high whiteness and is especially suitable for everyday communication.

IQ appeal with high bulk and opacity combined with higher whiteness offers a distinct “feel good” factor. It is ideal for double-sided prints and copies.

IQ premium with high whiteness is ideal for high contrast applications. This paper is perfectly suited for any application, be it printing text or colourful graphics. This premium paper is available in many different formats and grammages.

NAUTILUS® SuperWhite is the premium eco-paper with excellent whiteness for all applications. This 100% post-consumer recycled paper has a high environmental profile with FSC® Recycled and EU Ecolabel certification and ideally suits the complete communication range with its wide assortment of grammages and formats. Also available CO2 neutral. NAUTILUS® SuperWhite 80 g/m2 was awarded the BLI Performance Certification.

Trophée Tints is an amazing spectrum of 41 colours comprising of pastel shades, mid colours, deep tints and vibrant fluorescent colours.

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