Martel Envelopes

Martel Superior envelopes and Martel envelopes are unique to Ovendens. Both ranges were designed with print-in-mind to ensure optimum performance when overprinting. Features & Benefits
  • All Martel White opaque envelopes are made from the same base paper to ensure envelopes of varying styles and sizes all match in appearance.
  • All Martel Superior envelopes are made from a high grade 120gsm FSC certified envelope base, to deliver premium stationery envelopes at realistic prices.
Trade Overprinting In recent years we have successfully developed a rapid turnaround envelope overprinting service for the trade, backed up by a highly experienced and dedicated team.
  • Approved artwork to finished envelopes in as little as 2 working days
  • In-house design and artwork service
  • A minimum order of just 2 boxes of envelopes
  • Substantial envelope stocks on site
  • Versatile print capability: 4 colours face & flap; gusset overprinting etc
  • Overprinting on an envelope press is often more cost effective than printing envelopes on a sheet fed offset
Environment All Martel Superior envelopes are FSC certified; all our Martel Manilla envelopes have in excess of 75% recycled content. All standard Martel Opaque envelopes are made from paper derived from a sustainable and renewable resource.

We will work with you to provide an excellent level of service with the right product portfolio, to ensure that our independent and flexible values along with our friendly and traditional ethics remain.

  • Same day / Next day distribution
  • Sales Office open from 8.00am to 6.00pm
  • 7,000 tonnes in stock
  • Highly experienced customer service team
  • Extensive swatch and A4 sample department
  • In-house technical service