Laser, PrePrints & Offsets

Arcoprint is one of Europe’s foremost ranges of uncoated text and cover products.  It is the perfect paper for deluxe publications that require a high resolution reproduction.

The board weights have an excellent reputation within the greetings card market.

DNS Colorprint is a premium range of FSC certified uncoated digital papers & boards.

Designed primarily for use with leading dry toner technologies, DNS Colorprint delivers outstanding digital performance.

Inspira is a superior range of matching white uncoated papers and boards, covering 70-350gsm. It is a superb offset printing material and is ideal for subsequent laser printing where required.

Paperfect – it’s thicker than you think

To experience Paperfect’s amazing bulk for yourself why not contact us for a paper swatch or a set of A4 samples


Pro Design is a superior range of uncoated digital paper & boards designed primarily for use with all leading dry toner technologies.

Pro Design delivers unparalleled digital performance.

Rey Office is a best in class multipurpose paper that has outstanding litho offset printing capabilities and is ideal for subsequent laser printing.

Snowhite Laser is a high quality, exceptionally white uncoated printing paper that is fully guaranteed for laser over-printing.

Target Plus Offset is a range of high white uncoated offset papers & boards with excellent stiffness and stability to ensure outstanding runnability on all leading offset presses.

Target Plus pre-print is an exceptionally white, uncoated laser paper, guaranteed for offset pre-printing and subsequent use on all digital laser printers and copiers.

Play the colour card with Trophée!

With its wide and rich palette of colours, the Trophée range offers you the freedom to mix and match the most elegant colours with refinement.

We will work with you to provide an excellent level of service with the right product portfolio, to ensure that our independent and flexible values along with our friendly and traditional ethics remain.

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  • Extensive swatch and A4 sample department
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