Allyking Creamback HS (GC2)

AllyKing Cream has a smooth and uniform double coated surface with a light cream uncoated reverse.

AllyKing offers a combination of very good bulk & strength with excellent printability for high performance in finishing and on packaging lines.

Manufactured using PEFC certified virgin fibres, it’s ISEGA certified, Robinson test approved and Hard Sized to resist water and OBA free.

Suitable for a wide range of food & healthcare packaging applications, general carton work in the pharma, toy & household sectors.


Manufactured by Ningbo, China


PEFC Certified
PEFC CertifiedProgram for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification Schemes
Suitable for Litho printing
Suitable for Litho printing
ISO 9001
ISO 9001Quality Management Standard
Suitable for food contact
Suitable for food contact
OHSAS 18001
OHSAS 18001Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series
ISO 14001
ISO 14001Environmental Management System

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Range Chart

Thickness (mic) 395 460 510 610
Grammage (gsm) 240 270 295 350
B1 (SG)

□  =  Bulk packed

All available in Split Pallets – (exact sheet quantities)


Technical data

Thickness (mic) 395 460 510 610
Grammage (gsm) 240 270 295 350
Stiffness MD 13.2 20.9 29.3 40
Stiffness CD 7.57 10.8 15.2 24.5
Brightness (Top) % 82 82 82 82