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Digital Papers (coated)

Creator Digital

Creator Digital is a two-sided triple coated paper and board range with a smooth silky touch and excellent quality for digital printing.

It has multiple features to ensure optimal printing quality: high whiteness, very good ink gloss, excellent dot transfer, and high run-ability.

It is the ideal choice for art books, prestige brochures and all high end advertising material.

Manufactured by Lecta, Spain

Experia Digi Silk & Gloss

Experia Digi is our new and exciting range of woodfree coated paper and board designed specifically for digital laser printing.

  • Perfect runnability at all working speeds
  • Clear and well defined image reproduction
  • Impeccable chromatic performance
  • Especially designed and optimized for all dry and liquid toner laser printers
  • FSC certified
  • HP Indigo certified

Manufactured by Burgo, Italy