Digital Papers (uncoated)

Digital Papers (uncoated)

CANON Top Colour Digital

Top Colour Digital is a superior quality woodfree uncoated satinated paper that produces excellent print results.  The high whiteness and smooth surface enables vibrant quality and impressive text and image details.

Top Colour Digital is the ideal product for a full range of colour applications such as letters, direct mail, reports, presentations as well as coupons, manuals, books, and brochures.

Charta Digital Uncoated Indigo

Charta Digital Uncoated for HP Indigo is a fully HP certified uncoated paper and ideally suited for HP Indigo presses. Uncoated paper with pigmented surface reflecting ElectroInk in a natural style, Optimal whiteness ideal for high-impact text, graphics and colour printing on HP Indigo presses, 100% ElectroInk adhesion and unlimited shelf-life for perfect and long-lasting print results.

Manufactured by Mondi, Austria


DCP (Digital Color Printing) is a paper with an extremely bright rendition, whose surface contributes to high quality colour reproduction.

Its high whiteness optimizes colour rendition.  Its uniform texture allows for perfect printing of solids.  Its delicate smoothness assures sharper and brighter printing of all images.

DCP is guaranteed for colour laser printers and colour ink jet printers.

Manufactured by Clairefontaine, France

DNS Colorprint

A premium range of uncoated digital papers & boards designed primarily for use with leading dry toner technologies. DNS® colorprint delivers outstanding digital performance. It’s super smooth surface produces excellent digital print results with sharper, more vibrant colours.

Eye-catching images are achieved effortlessly due to a higher whiteness level (170 CIE) that is optimal for marketing collateral. It also offers excellent pre-print properties for ‘dual’ litho/digital applications.

Manufactured by Mondi, Austria


Pro-Design is for professional colour laser printing as tested and recommended by leading printer manufacturers.

Available in a wide range of weights and sizes, Pro-Design is a super smooth colour laser paper that has optimal stiffness for jam-free printing, problem free two-sided printing.

  • 1st choice for digital
    Designed for professional, high-speed applications.
  • Perfect consistency
    All papers manufactured on a single machine.
  • 99.99% jam-free guarantee
    Flawless results every time.
  • All professional applications
    Wide range of weights and sizes. Suitable for all finishing treatments.
  • Optimum environmental performance
    Certified by FSC and EU Ecolabel. Recyclable packaging.

Rey Office Document

Rey Office is a best in class multipurpose paper that is guaranteed on all laser and inkjet devices.

With enhanced whiteness for sharp printouts and ColorLok® Technology for enhanced colours, Rey has outstanding litho offset printing capabilities and is ideal for subsequent laser printing.

Manufactured by International Paper, France

REY Text & Graphics

REY Text & Graphics translates your creative ideas into masterpieces.

It has a smooth, silky surface that reproduces detail with high accuracy.

  • Wide range of marketing applications
  • Quality look and feel
  • Outstanding reproduction of detail

REY Text & Graphics: the conscious paper that cares for you and your world.

Manufactured by International Paper, France

Xerox Colotech+

Xerox® Colotech+ is the benchmark paper for digital colour printing. This uncoated, high white paper has a super-smooth finish which enhances the brilliance and contrast of text and images on all digital colour documents. Ideal for high quality, production printing on all digital colour printers and presses.

All weights, except 350gsm, are PEFC certified and EU Ecolabel accredited.