Technical Services

Here to help

Our dedicated in-house technical department is here to help customers get the best performance from our papers.

With regular testing and quality checks on products delivered in and out of our warehouse, we aim to ensure our papers are in the best condition when they arrive at your premises.  Our goal is to give you piece of mind that our papers will consistently perform on press allowing you to focus on running an efficient print room.

Should any technical issues arise from a fault with any of our papers, we strive to ensure that the issue is dealt with swiftly and with minimum interruption to your production schedule.


Need some technical advice?

We offer a free technical consultation to ensure you get the most out of our papers.  From suggesting tips on how best to handle or store your paper for better on press performance to understanding the varying characteristics of different types of papers, our technical team is here to help.

If you are interested to find out more, please call us today and speak to Paul our Technical Services Manager.


Got a technical complaint?

If you are not entirely happy with a paper or have an issue and would like to make a complaint, please contact your Ovendens account manager or the sales office and speak to a member of the team.  We will take you through our complaint procedure to to help identify the fault and ensure a fair assessment of the problem is carried out.  When submitting a technical complaint we require you to gather evidence of the issue (as detailed below) in order for us to process your complaint efficiently.


Evidence required for a technical complaint

Please ensure you supply the following evidence to support your claim and avoid rejection.

  1. Ream labels or Pallet labels are required for all complaints
  2. Printed or Finished samples are required to support any costs submitted
  3. In addition and depending on the situation, the following evidence is required to support any claim


Evidence required to support a claim

   Obvious problem on plain paper
  • 25 x Consecutive plain sheets
  • 25 x Printed sheets
   Problems found during printing
  • 25 x Consecutive printed sheets
  • 25 x Consecutive plain sheets
   Problems found during backing up
  • 25 x Sheets printed one side only
  • 25 x Sheets printed both sides
  • 25 x Consecutive plain sheets

   Problems with dimensional in-stability causing;-

  • Mis-register
  • Dot Doubling
  • Creasing/fluting during printing
  • Curl
  • 25 x Printed sheets
  • 25 x Plain sheets moisture protected
  • Run-ability
  • 25 x Printed sheets
  • 25 x Plain sheets moisture protected
  • 1 x Video demonstrating how the problem is occurring on press
  • Poor feeding
  • 25 x Plain sheets moisture protected
  • 1 x Video demonstrating how the problem is occurring on press
   Problems resulting in a Damaged Blanket
  • The debris that caused the damage
  • 12 x Printed sheets showing the damage to the blanket
  • Plus All blankets that have been damaged

   Problems with Print Quality

  • Mottle
  • 10 x Single colour pulls of problem colour
  • Piling
  • 25 x Consecutive plain sheets
  • Plate Wear
  • 10 x Printed sheets showing the problem
  • Chalking
  • 10 x Printed sheets showing the reverse
  • Ghosting
  • 10 x Printed sheets of alternative stock


Terms and Conditions

  • Material being returned must be fit for transport
  • Credits will only be issued for the quantity returned


Get in Touch

Any queries please contact Ovenden Papers Technical Services

Paul Platten  :  07989 184 221  :  [email protected]