Graphical & Carton Boards

Graphical & Carton Board


Atelier where brilliance meets function

Atelier is a double silk coated, reverse side light coated white backed Folding Boxboard that offers a state of the art combination of superior brightness and high board gloss together with excellent bulk and stiffness.

Used for all types of folding carton or brochure work where a superior whiteness is required.

Manufactured by Sappi


Crescendo® C2S


Crescendo® C2S offers dual sided printing that’s second to none. With its outstanding ink holdout, sheet cleanliness, Crescendo® C2S has a solid reputation for excellent runnability through to converting.

Crescendo® C2S is suitable for all types of printing, varnish & film lamination.

Manufactured by West Rock, USA


Ensocoat 1-sided SBS

Make your first impression count with Ensocoat board for luxury packaging.

Ensocoat is the premium board of choice for the most demanding high-end packaging and graphical applications.

It’s a 1-sided coated SBS board with a lightly coated reverse, premium high whiteness and brightness, accompanied by durability, rigidity and dimensional stability ensuring first class print. Ensocoat has a pigmented printable reverse, superb finishing and conversion properties.

Manufactured by Stora Enso, Finland

Natural Greyboard

Natural Greyboard is a 100% recycled fibre board manufactured with a liner either side to aide smoothness.

Natural Greyboard can be used across a wide spectrum of applications from general purposes protection to a backing board for pads or calendars.

Can be screen printed but used mainly in plain format.


Manufactured in The Netherlands

Performa Brilliance

Fully coated CTMP board with white coated reserve Performa Brilliance is a high quality fully coated graphical board with a coated White Back (GC1) and is aimed primarily at the luxury cosmetics, pharma, greeting cards and higher quality packaging and graphical applications.

Manufactured by Stora Enso Fors, Sweden

Poplar GC2 HS


Fully coated, Hard sized, White Lined Folding Boxboard with a Cream Back (GC2).

Manufactured by Chenming, China

Poplar Super

Fully coated Folding Boxboard with a lick coated reverse (GC1).

With excellent folding characteristics, it is a good choice for both general packaging and graphical applications. Poplar Super is suitable for all types of printing, varnish & film lamination.

Manufactured by Chenming, China

Symbol Card – 1-sided SBS

Symbol is a premium 1-sided Solid Bleached Sulphate board with a double blade coated satin finish.  Manufactured using FSC® certified ECF pulp.

Available in premium white shade for high end applications where a superior whiteness is required.

Notably used for Luxury packaging (cosmetic, perfume and healthcare products) Greetings & Postcards, Folders & Brochures

Manufactured by Fedrigoni, Italy



Fully coated, White Lined Chipboard with a Grey Back (GD2).

Uniboard-S is a highly versatile board that offers a functional packaging solution with a high degree of workability on both printing and packaging lines. Uniboard-S is widely used for food, drinks and general packaging applications.

Manufactured by Weig Karton, Germany