Discovery copier

‘The Eco-efficient paper’

Discovery is a top quality lightweight office paper that offers all the qualities; thickness, stiffness and opacity of a standard office paper. Produced using Eucalyptus globulus fibres and a specially developed additive, this cutting-edge technology results in a paper of unique quality manufactured using 40% less wood resources.

  • Perfect for high volume printing and copying paper
  • Better quality with less weight and fewer resources
  • Ideal for black and white office applications

Manufactured by The Navigator Company, Portugal

FSC Certified
FSC CertifiedForest Stewardship Council
EU Ecolabel
EU EcolabelEuropean Union Environmental Label
Laser printing Guaranteed
Laser printing Guaranteed
Inkjet printing Guaranteed
Inkjet printing Guaranteed
ISO 9001
ISO 9001Quality Management Standard
OHSAS 18001
OHSAS 18001Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series
ISO 14001
ISO 14001Environmental Management System

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Range chart

Grammage (gsm) 75

● available ream wrapped / 500 sheets per ream / 5 reams to a box


Technical data

Grammage (gsm) 75
Thickness (mic) 106
Whiteness (CIE) 161
Opacity (%) 92



  • 500 sheets per ream
  • 5 reams per box (2,500 sheets)
  • 42 boxes per pallet (105,000 sheets)