Business Stationery

Natural; Innovative.

Conqueror Bamboo is a selection of clean, fresh, crisp products for contemporary business communications.  Made from a unique blend of Bamboo and FSC virgin wood pulp, this modern paper had a satisfying ‘toothy’ feel offering a truly sustainable paper experience.


Timeless; Essential.

Made from 100% cotton, Connoisseur is the benchmark for luxurious quality paper, giving a distinctive touch of style to all communications.

Classic; Tactile.

The reassurance of the hammer embossing is for many the texture of choice.

Contemporary; Sharp.

Practicality at its most sensational: the technically advanced CX22 finish is a super silky, crisp paper, particularly suitable where fine images and good ink lift are essential.

Trendsetting; Eye-catching.

Tremendously stylish, hip and innovative with built-in attitude, Iridescent allows you to ignore convention with a range of four subtle shades.
A White sheet in appearance which is transformed when hit by light creating a sparkle effect with a blush of colour.


Traditional; Familiar.

The classic laid line styling adds a certain gravitas to your documents. A super-silky crisp watermarked business paper, with guaranteed desktop performance on mono and colour inkjet and laser printers.

Subtle; Beautiful.

Created using the felt marking technique, this paper has an especially soft and natural finish.

Original; Trusted.

A rich, warm wove finish watermarked business paper which is guaranteed for desktop laser and mono inkjet printers from 80 – 100 gsm.

The familiar best-selling member of the Conqueror range.   Often copied but never equalled.

Inuit is a fresh, simple range of premium white papers for offset printing that has been specially designed for use in corporate communications, print promotions and high-end publishing.

We will work with you to provide an excellent level of service with the right product portfolio, to ensure that our independent and flexible values along with our friendly and traditional ethics remain.

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