Digital Papers

Charta Digital gloss coated is designed primarily for use on all HP Indigo machines.

Charta Digital specifically designed for HP Indigo machines and for use on all leading digital colour printers.

Charta Digital Uncoated is specifically designed for use on HP indigo presses.

DCP is a premium range of exceptionally white, super smooth uncoated paper and boards developed specifically for digital colour printing.

DNS Colorprint is a premium range of FSC certified uncoated digital papers & boards.

Designed primarily for use with leading dry toner technologies, DNS Colorprint delivers outstanding digital performance.

The next generation of carbonless paper designed to perform on a wide range of digital presses. With all the characteristics of Giroform it is perfectly suited for the production of high quality personalised carbonless forms.

Approved for use with HP Indigo and Nexpress

Pro Design is a superior range of uncoated digital paper & boards designed primarily for use with all leading dry toner technologies.

Pro Design delivers unparalleled digital performance.

Rey Office is a best in class multipurpose paper that has outstanding litho offset printing capabilities and is ideal for subsequent laser printing.

Xerox Colotech is a range of papers specifically designed for use on all digital colour printers available in 3 paper finishes and 2 sizes.

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